ZEN76 and Zooz 700 Series Devices

At the moment, I am still running OpenHAB 2.5.12 due to the fact that I am still using X10 devices. I have a number of Z-Wave devices which include a number of Zooz light switches. I have liked the Zooz light switches overall and have just purchased many Zooz 700-series light switches (ZEN71, ZEN72, ZEN76, and ZEN77) with the plan to replace all of my existing X10 light switches.

I have installed one ZEN76 to replace a ZEN26 which had failed. However, I am not able to get it to work with my OpenHAB installation. The device shows as an Unknown Device in Paper UI. I am using a Zooz 500-series Z-Wave stick. I have done some searching to see how to resolve this issue and see people talking about 700-series devices working in compatibility mode and I see there are problems with 700-series Z-Wave sticks. Is there any way to make this ZEN76 work with my current OpenHAB installation? I am considering deploying an OpenHAB 3 server, but the issues people are discussing regarding 700-series devices makes me concerned about the future of my investment in Z-Wave devices. Will my ZEN76 work with OpenHAB 3?

Here is a post referencing compatibility mode:

That device shows as Unknown because it is not in the database for the binding. It did not get to the binding until openHAB 3.1.0 release.

The device can run in compatibility mode with the old 500 Series controller but that is not the issue you are experiencing. Personally I left openHAB due to the difficulties of updating older bindings.

Sorry I cannot be of more assistance. our options appear to be to either upgrade openHAB or look elsewhere. :frowning:

As Bruce says, you pretty much need to upgrade to get access to newer ZWave devices. If you want to keep your X10 devices working, you can set up a new OH3 server and then use the Remote openHAB Binding to access your existing OH2 server. Of course, this is only possible if you have two separate servers available to you.

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Thank you for the responses. If I can use my new 700-series Zooz devices with OpenHAB 3, then I will add a second OpenHAB server and use the Remote OpenHAB Binding to let them both communicate. I didn’t want to go through the trouble until I confirmed the new devices would work with OpenHAB 3. My X10 devices have been very good, except for the occasional electrical interference, but I am moving away from X10. I do like my X10 remote controls and will try to keep them operational for the time being.

You can but 700 Series controllers are not supported. Devices work in compatibility mode though.