Zero success moving Boot to USB

Openhabianpi on RPi3+, installed on SD card, working fine. I’ve tried multiple times to move the Boot to both a USB thumb drive and/or a USB SSD using Configuration Tool - never boots afterward. Have to reset /boot/cmdline.txt on the SD card to get back into it.

Since it’s part of the official Configuration Tool, must work for others, but I just can’t wee what I’m doing wrong. Any secrets I should be aware of?


I believe the tool is move “root” not move “boot”.

You still need sd card.

Read here to move boot to SSD or USB.

Yes, I understand the concept, though can’t even blame phat phingers this time. Just wasn’t giving much brain horsepower as I composed the post.


Thanks, will dig into that. I’ve used RPis for a few years, don’t remember coming across that doc page.

Still wonder why it doesn’t work for me from within the Configuration Tool since it is part of the official OHPi release. Oh, well. . .

@Thedannymullen You do not need the SD card if your USB device has been properly set up as a bootable drive, and you have a newer RPi that has the usb boot capability. My RPi3 is booting happily from a USB SSD with no SD.

I used “dd” on a different computer to copy the SD to the SSD. I’ve also successfully used Etcher to write the openhabian image directly to an SSD and boot from that. No SD used at all for that install.

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Etcher is the easiest route to copy the image. Just remember to click on settings in top right corner and select dangerous mode to enable writing to the SSD.:smile:

Still no joy getting it to boot from USB. Verified OTP 0x3020000a. Trying it on a thumb drive (have 'em on hand) will put it of SSD if I can get the darned thing to work.
Flashed copy of working SD card: no-go
Flashed new openhabianpi image : no-go

No SSH into it, found out couldn’t even ping it. Do have ethernet port amber LED.

Hair getting really gray. . .

If you have the OTP and its not working I don’t know what else to do.:thinking: Do a google search and see if others RPI users have seen this issue?

So let me confirm your steps.

Flash openhabian image to ssd or usb drive using etcher

Install into pi

Boot pi.

If these steps are followed and it does not work, i can only suggest watching the pi boot with and hdmi cable plugged in. See if the splash screens are telling you something.

I know when i boot to ssd with one of my adapters it does not work. This is because the drive powers too slow so the pi misses it. A monitor helped me solve this.
Also make sure your power supply can put out enough power once the usb is attached.