ZHC5010 configuration tutorial

For those of you who also struggle with the setup and configuration of the ZHC5010 Fuga Module, I have now found a way to configure the 4 buttons to work with openHAB.

Essentially there are three things, that I want to accomplish, depending on the use case:

Button Pressed (Scene)
If you wish to receive a command every time any of the four buttons is pressed, to trigger a scene, you can use the solution presented here, which uses Central Scene. However, this does not sync the state of the button ON/OFF with openHAB.

Buttons ON/OFF (Switch)
If you wish to receive an ON/OFF command every time any of the four buttons is pressed, to sync the state of the physical buttons with a switch item in openHAB, you must configure the device properly, so that the correct item receives the ON/OFF update.

The device has five switches. The relay and the four buttons. They are called 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4

For openHAB to recognize a press on e.g. button 2, the device must send a ON/OFF to 1.2. However, because of problems with the multichannel associations via HABmin, the proper configuration could not be made, thus all button presses trigger an ON/OFF to 1.0, no matter which one of the buttons 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 og 1.4 was actually pressed.

Solution: You can make the multichannel association via the openHAB API.

Use the openHAB API to configure the Multichannel Associations for each of the four buttons. I have done it like in the screenshot below:

I did execute a configuration change via the API 4x times. One for each button. The config values used for the four buttons were:


The association groups 4, 9, 14 and 19 set the Binary Switch Set On / Off for each of the buttons, according to the manufacturer manual.

LED ON/OFF (Switch)
You can make the LEDs follow the same or inverted state of the button (by configuration), so you can see if the button is ON or OFF. However, you may wish to control the LEDs independently from the buttons. This would allow more complex use cases for the switch module.


  • Press Button 1 (sends ON to openHAB)
  • openHAB performs some checks (are all windows closed?)
  • LED 1 is turned ON, to confirm that all checks have passed and the alarm system is now active.

Controlling the LEDs individually is possible to my knowledge with the Z-Wave Indicator Class, which should be supported by the device. An issue has already been raised for the openHAB Z-Wave binding, to enable support for this. I hope it will be implemented soon. Please indicate your support for this feature request, if you can also use the indicator class implementation :slight_smile:


Your post was exactly what I was looking for!

I have been struggling with the setup of the ZHC5010. I simply want the four physical buttons to be linked to four switch items, and I want them to be synchronized no matter if I press the physical buttons or GUI buttons. Therefore, I tried your second suggestion. I couldn’t make it work until I tried config values without the quotes which did the trick for me. Maybe it’s some layout thing (I’m on Danish). I used:

I ran into the exact same thing with newer ZHC5010 devices today, and I had to first remove all the associations for all association groups (except Lifeline) via HABmin, and then add them via the API as you suggested, to make it work.

Have the same problem, i´am slowly transfering from Homey, to openhab, and ran in to the first problem with the ZHC. how do i find / use the API…?

The REST API is part of the Expert installation package (or must be installed afterwards) and is the available via UI on the main page (where you can select Basic UI, Habmin, Paper Ui and whatever is installed).

i have not chosen, the expert installation, so dont have it, and have looked in Paper UI under add-ons and user interfaces, but it is now there, and have tried the other catagorys, and cant find it… (have searched “API” )

Sorry for the long response time. The weather was too nice for screen time recently :wink:

I think I was unclear before. To my knowledge the REST API is installed and running by default. What you are asking for, is access to the REST API DOCUMENTATION, which is an add on. Please refer to this page for info how to install the documentation add-on. It says:

You can add it by opening the PaperUI interace, clicking “Add-ons”, selecting “Misc”. You will see an addon called “REST Documentation” that can be easily installed.

The REST API DOCUMENTATION interface will then be available on your main screen when going to http://openhab:8080/

The documentation interface lets you perform queries against the API endpoints, and this is how you run the suggested API calls to modify the ZHC5010 configuration as per the original post above.

I hope this helps.

I’m trying to dim some light with my ZHC5010 but I can’t get this it work,
I’m using the dimmer 1,2,3,4 but it is not working.
I’d like to make a one touch dim, (one tab ON/OFF, tab and hold UP/DOWN)

I have installed the latest Z-Wave snapshot 2.4.0 and OH2 2.3.0

I can get all the buttons to work with switch ON/OFF.

I am not aware how the device should do this for you by exposing a dimmer item for each button. However, what you want can still be achieved by using the scene values in combination with openHAB rules.

Single press: Set dimmer 80%
Double press Set dimmer 100%
Long press: Dim up and down (using a while loop in a rule).

(I assume you want to go through openHAB since you post it here, but if you just want to control other Z-Wave dimmers, then the device can do so.)


Does anyone have made dimm up and down the lights. Today it is set to ON or OFF. Would like to get something dim over.

I don’t have this device but from a quick look at the manual:

House Cleaning Mode:
In the so-called “House Cleaning Mode”, ZHC5010 is able send a dimming command

And take a look at config parameter 18:
This parameter is able to enable or disable the so-called “House Cleaning Mode”, where ZHC5010 is able send a dimming command in order to set the level of the lights to 100%.