Zibee Yale YRD216 PBDB

I have a Zibee Yale YRD216 PBDB connected to openHAB but it shows only battery channel. How will get the lock and unlock feature enabled?

Can you send me the xml file from the {userdata}/zigbee folder please. This just contains information about the device (no key information etc is saved there).

I am very new to raspberry PI and openhab . Will you please give me the full path for the xml file.I search under usr folder and didn’t find and file or folder with zibbee name

We don’t know your installation method. Did you install openHAB manually, via apt-get repository or via openHABian? On a Windows/Linux/Mac based computer?
For the different file locations in case of Linux take a look at:

I installed it using sd image. I did some more digging and found the following files







which one do you want?

The right one :slight_smile: .

Every time you create a new coordinator, a new XML gets produced with the UID of the coordinator. So, check the coordinator UID in paper UI things page, and then send the relevant one. (and you can probably delete the others).

I have the xml file but I am unable to upload it because I am a new user.

my e-mail is najib.halimi@yahoo.com please let me know how can I get you the file.

I truly appreciate your help this is a major project for me to be able to lock and unlock the Yale Lock with Zigbee interface

You can email the file to me - chris -at- cd-jackson.com.


I just send you the file. Thanks again for your help

Thanks. The file is useful. The binding will need a bit of work, and also some updates to the low level framework, so it will take a week or two to get something included, but I’ll try and get the ability to lock/unlock included soon at least.


Thanks and I truly appreciate your help.

Please let me know as soon as you have any progress.


Any update to when should I expect the lock and unlock feature working?


As I said a few days back, it will be a week or two as the update needs to flow right through from the framework (ie ZigBee libraries) to the binding. I made an update yesterday to add some more support to the framework for the lock, but this needs to flow into the framework which will be a little way away. I then need to add some support to the binding…

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Thanks for the update looking forward to your new update.

Hi chris,
Sorry for late reply. I have a similar issue, and already send the ZigBee XML file to you.
Looking forward to your reply.
Thanks in advance.


Hi Chris,

Just checking to see how far are you? Should I expect an update early next week?


I’m hoping to get an update to the libraries done in the coming days. This will get the support for the lower layers added. Once we have this I’ll need to add a converter to allow the lock to be controlled - I’ll try and get this in the next week.


Thanks for the update. I hope that I would have the lock and unlock functionality before the end of next week.


Just checking to see if I will get any update this weekend?

I don’t know I’m afraid, but probably not. I created the initial PR to update the libraries 2 days ago so now we have to wait. Once that’s done I’ll update the binding.