ZigBee 12 V dimmer without external power supply

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I’ve built a background lighting using a 12 V LED stripe. The stripe has an external 12 V power supply and can be switched on/off via ZigBee (using a Philips Hue Smart Plug and an IKEA Tradfri remote control). For dimming, I’ve integrated a 12 V dimmer (link to Amazon).

That works fine so far and looks good. However, the perfect solution would be if I could dim the LED stripe via ZigBee. The remote control already supports dimming.

Now I’m looking for a ZigBee controller/power supply that has a power input of 230 V, a power output of 12 V and can be dimmed via ZigBee. There are plenty of controllers that are…

  1. 12 V only (link to Amazon) and need an external power supply or
  2. 230 V only (link to Amazon).

I’m not a fan of option 1 as the external power supply would be always on (small but steady power consumption) and for option 2, another 12 V transformer would be necessary.

Is anyone aware of a ZigBee dimmer having a power input of 230 V and a power output of 12 V?

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Something like https://www.dioder-online.dk/sunricher-zigbee-led-stromforsyning-12v-100w-rgbw-4808.html ?

It may be worthwhile to browse the database.

Another database:

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Awesome, thank you so much! How did you find it so quickly? I’ve been searching almost all day… :thinking: