Zigbee Aquara with Qivicon USB Dongle

Dear all,

Ecosystem: Raspi 3B+ / OH 2.5 (stable) / Qivicon USB Zigbee Dongle / Zigbee Binding installed


As many others before (yes - I did read the related posts) I try to par OH2.5 with an Aqara Hum/Temp sensor (the square one). OH did detect the sensor as Unknown ZigBee Device. Trying to add it as Thing via Paper UI gets me an ERROR: 404 - Not Found.

Deleting the entry in inbox works for the inbox (entry disappears) - just: It is not really removed. A new scan (with batteries taken out of the sensor) discovers it again.
New Inbox Entry: Unknown ZigBee Device 00158D0003F13B16

I tried to find the entry in /var/lib/openhab2/jsondb and /etc/openhab2/ without much success (my Zigbee wall socket I did find :wink:
As some people did get it to work - maybe someone give me a hand - step-by-step - on how to get this running.

Sorry for bringing up the Zigbee / Aqara topic once more, but as @chris did state somewhere it should run…