Zigbee Binding an Hue devices without Hue Bridge?


I’m relatively new to OpenHab running on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with the actual precompiled image. I’ve managed to get a CC2531 usb stick running as thing.
Now I want to get rid of the Hue Bride but I can’t fand any device (for exampe the Hue lamps or dimmer switches) when I try to search for them as things in the Zigbee binding. Of cause I’ve deleted them on the Hue Bridge and tried it several times without any result.

Is it possible anyway or do Hue devices allways require the Hue bridge?

Have you resetted your HUE bulbs to default before trying to include them into the Zigbee network of openHAB Zigbee binding?

And: It may help, switching the HUE bridge off if you did not already :wink:


thanks for your help. After switching the Hue Brige off I managed to find the bulb and the dimmer switch. Now I can continue!

would you recommend to switch from the bridge to the zigbee binding?

Hi, at the moment I’m still using the Hue Bridge to get all lamps, dimmers and motion detectors to Openhab. But I want to get rid of the Bridge because it causes problems: all items and settings on the bridge are lost after an update or when the bridge looses power. Philips support told me to reset it to factory (not done yet). What’s interesting is that when the bridge is on I can’t find bulbs and so on but I get the Hue smart plugs on both: the bridge and via zigbee binding on Openhab.
Do you only use Hue bulbs and dimmer switches or other devices too? I can find Osram bulbs via the zigbee binding too but only after resetting the bulb.
So it’s difficult so day: switch off the bridge if you can’t find any device. Are all bulbs updated to the latest available version?

My Philips Hue Bridge is working fine, I have all lights there and it is stable for more than a year, nothing is lost ever. That is the reason I prefer that gateway over a direct openHab integration, so nothing is lost due to an update :slight_smile: But I want to add non-hue-friends, like xiaomi sensors, that are not compatible with hue. I am testing different things and therefore am open for opinion which option is to prefer over a philips hue bridge.
If I understand you correctly, you are trying the zigbee binding because your philips hue bridge is broken (I mean, it sounds like it ) . I would definately try out to factory reset it once and set it up using papierUI (not things file) - that is very stable on my side. But as soon as you want to add other zigbee devices that are not compatible, you run in my issues. PS: Osram is compatible, although not “100%”. i had connection issues before I ditched them a year ago.

Hi, the reason that I want to use Hue devices over the Zigbee binding is that I want to get rid of another device running 24/7 because I’ve connected it to a solar powered 12V battery system. I’ll only plug in the Hue Bridge from time to time to check for updates. During the next weeked there might be some time to try the reset.