Zigbee binding and CC2531

Are you sure that rotating the cube ensures it doesn’t enter sleep mode?

Can you provide a full log of the initialisation. I think I know what the message is that you see - it would be good to see a full log as these messages should be also passed in a different way. I expect that the device is not announcing itself as required by ZigBee.

Anyway, please provide the log and I will take a look, but as I said earlier, I don’t have too much time as I will be on holiday soon.

Emmm…this is main function of cube - knocking, rotation etc and i suppouse cube must send commands.
I attach the log file. In the file three setions

  1. 9:56:02-9:57:03 Scan with powered cube
  2. 9:58:54-9:59:54 Scan with unpowered cube (withou battery)
  3. 10:01:01- to end file Scan with pressing and hold LINK button on cube and press shortly scan button to prevent sleep mode.
    As we can see packet 2019-01-18 10:01:48.610 [DEBUG] [31.network.impl.CommandInterfaceImpl] - <-- ZToolPacket (FE 0C 45 CA 2E F8 38 0D 10 01 00 8D 15 00 00 00 E9)

apeared ONLY if i push link button on cube.
I follow this video to pair with cube(but this is for another project and with different firmware cc2531) . Long press button and short presse to prevent sleep mode. If you need mode logs please ask and i prepare log from different situations.
Best regards!

zigbee.txt (21.3 KB)

So? Just because it sends commands, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is staying awake to receive more commands. It might, but I’m not sure it is the case - normally there is another method used - often you don’t want the device to stay awake when you are just doing the main function, otherwise it is awake a lot more than it needs to be.

So it sounds like the short press is needed to prevent sleep mode then - not just moving it.

From the log, I suspect that this is a non-standard device, so it’s not being detected. It is designed to work with the Xiaomi hub which probably works differently to ZigBee. I see none of the usual commands, and the message that you see is a message that the binding normally asked for later on, but after the initial discovery is complete.

Can you also confirm the version of firmware you are using in the stick as I’m quite suspicious about this message that is received - normally these are configured to be sent differently since the binding (or more specifically the ZigBee framework) is designed to be dongle agnostic I try to avoid having to deal with specific dongle commands and instead the dongle is configured to send generic commands.

i use this firmware: CC2531ZNP-Pro-Secure_Standard SHA-256 of hex file is - 4921BA277114A4470DEE15CA85E77F2B50F2FD5989CF83F6DDC506D63EA5AD33.
Also i found this project on github and test reflash my stick and try to connect cube using zirbee2mqtt.
https://github.com/Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt for testing my stick and cube. In docs for this project i saw Xiaomi Cube in supported device list. In this project flashed firmware in stick is another - CC2531ZNP-Prod.

UPDATE: I have installed this project and test it. The device discovered fine and i attach log from zigbee2mqtt maybe it will be usefull for you.
log.txt (7.0 KB)

i install sniffer firmware in stick and capture some packets from cube. I use SmartRF packet sniffer from TI. And attach file of captured frames (change extention to psd format ).
cube.txt (1.6 KB)
This is screenshot from packet sniffer. Each press link button show 2 received packets in sniffer.

These are just beacon requests - they will not be passed through the layers, so it is not something that is of any use.

Is this the same one that is recommended for the binding?

zigbee2mqtt uses a different firmware that is not the same as the one that is required for the binding.


i can try with this firmware and binding…why not?-)

I’m not suggesting to use this firmware - I think you said earlier that you were using this? Maybe I misunderstood.

I used recommended stick firmware with openhab binding. Another firmware I used with another project - Zigbee2mqtt. And with another project my xiaomi cube work fine. I do not exactly know who parce packets from devices stick software or software on pc.

Hi! @chris i have a some news! I try to use stick with NOT RECOMENDED software in binding docs. And my cube have been discovered! Unknown thing in inbox , but discovered!!!
I attach part of log with zigbee.
zigbee.txt (114.4 KB)

hi guys i got a problem with some aqara wireless button.
my cc2531 coordinator works fine, everything is online.
i discovered the wireless button (lumi.sensor_switch.aq2) and if i press the button on the aqara the switch in openhab goes to ON but when i press the button again nothing happens so i can´t turn it to off. only in paper ui or basic ui. do you know whats the probleme here?

thanks alot

Can you provide the log? @MichaelBrunner I supouse the button send command when pressed. May be you need some rules to off switch when the button pressed next time.

i have no log file, it only says ZigBeeButton_Switch changed from OFF to ON when i´m pressing the physical button.
if i press the button again nothing happens. right now i try to bind the button again cause i read that sometimes it does´t bind correct but it said online…

May be this link help you.

Search “toggle”. keyword in doc above

:wink: thanks i know what toggle is… normally it should work right away with the binding i guess

and for a toggle i need min. two states but i only receive one. The ON state i don´t receive anything else :frowning:

I suppouse you problem not in binding. You have to correct describe switch item. In some openhab forum I saw that you need add autoupdate=false to item description. Do you have xiaomi simple button or switch with 2 stable position?

Hi, na i think you don‘t understand.
I‘m with the openhab System quite a while and I know how to define and setup switches or items.
But in this case the one way button switch doesn’t discover right I guess I only get the ON or in Number the 1 as a signal.
So It has nothing to do with Autofalse… cause for a normal switch to work you always need two signals like ON and OFF or 1 and 0

Sorry, may be i missunderstood. I sugest you to set debug level logging for zigbee binding.