Zigbee binding and IKEA Trådfri

I am running openHAB 3.1 and trying to pair IKEA Trådfri bulbs and IKEA Trådfri Remote to the Zigbee binding.
I can pair the devices, they are reconized correctly, so far all good :slight_smile:
My doubt is what is the pairing order of the units? When using IKEA Trådfri Bridge, the order is first to pair the remote to the bulbs and then pair the remote to the bridge.
My goal is to have the option of setting the Bulb directly from openHAB and using the IKEA Trådfri Remote as I would do in the IKEA setup.
What is the order when using the ZIgbee Binding instead of the Bridge?

I came a little further in my investigation.
I have now tried to to pair the bulb with zigbee and then initiate a pairng from the remote to the bulb (which worked to my surprise, even though the bulb was not in “pairing mode”). Afterwards I can pair the remote to the zigbee binding.
I have only tested the light dimmer function on the bulb, not the lightcolor. The result is that I can dim the bulb directly from openHAB item or via the IKEA Remote. I am missing the light color channel in the remote, but I already saw that there was an open issue desrcribing that.

Unfortunately I can’t set light temperature with the remote now.

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When I pair the bulb (in my case the Tradfri driver) with Zigbee and then pair the remote with the bulb, the pairing of bulb and Zigbee gets lost. Seems I can either pair the bulb with Zigbee or the remote.

@mr_eskildsen do I understand correctly that it is possible to control the ikea devices with the zigbee binding without the ikea bridge?

Yes that should be possible, the Zigbee stick then acts as the gateway. For reasons I don’t recall for the moment I use Zigbee2mqtt, here you get firmware updates for Ikea trådfri.