Zigbee binding bitron ember stick gu10 bulbs

Hi Community!

I am trying to get zigbee (esp. Philips hue) devices runnig without hue bridge.

My setup is oh 3.0.1 with zigbee binding and bitron zigbee stick with ember as i know.

I can pair several devices but gu10 bulbs (hue or tradfri) doesn’t work.

Any suggestions or simular experiences?

Please can you advise what coordinator you are using, and ideally what firmware version it uses. If it is too old, then it may not work with newer Zigbee 3,0 devices and you may need to update the firmware.

Coordinator is “Ember”. I use the Bitron Video Zigbee Usb Stick AV2010/10. Baud 57600k, high Ram. Both Software Xon / Xoff and Hardware Flow Control work - I can pair hue motion sensors for example. Also hue E27 bulbs work.

How to determine the firmware?

Btw sorry for the bad spelling, it is because I write via Smartphone

It should be shown in the thing properties for the coordinator. At a guess, if you have not updated the firmware, then I think this stick will not work with some newer devices. They will join the network, and then leave again due to the security level supported by older firmware.

Firmware is

It seems to me that an upgrade of the firmware is not possible or simple for that stick…
See here: [DOCUMENTATION] Links to how-to upgrade firmware on Bitron Video AV2010/10 and SMaBiT AV2010/10 USB-sticks? · Issue #348 · zigpy/bellows · GitHub

So I would ask which Zigbee Stick do you suggest to use with OH 3 - Hue and Tradfri equipment and hopefully then eurotronic spirit zigbee thermostat?

So this is too old to work with newer devices.

You reference quite old information and I think you can update this stick. Have you tried? Have you taken a look at the latest binding documentation as it references some links to new firmware that I think will be ok for this device (please be sure to select LATEST when viewing the documentation though).

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