Zigbee Binding: Coordinator for the XStick1 802.15.4

Platform information:
    Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B with Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5
    OS: Openhabian
    Java Runtime Environment: Zulu Embedded OpenJDK Java 8
    openHAB version: 2.4.0-1

For those that just have the Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5, are there any plans with the Zigbee binding to add a coordinator for the Digi X-Stick1, FT232RL, 802.15.4?

The last time I found the X-Stick mentioned as used with RPi was in 2014, so is it safe to say there is just no interest for it? If so, I guess I am out $57 unless I can eBay it to someone who wants one.

What reported issues? I just moved to OpenHAB this past weekend with this stick.
@chris did not mention any potential issues.

EDIT: I am currently only using Z-Wave but I still am interested in any potential issues should I decide to add Zigbee too.

OK, yes I should have mentioned that many have also reported having no issues with the husbzb-1, particularly the Z-Wave functions. However, some have had issues with Zigbee functions, like here, and here.

As stated, the question is also valid because some users have already opted for a separate Z-Wave stick, like the Aeotec.

This is not related to openHAB at all - I think if you search around the web you will find people complaining about everything somewhere :slight_smile:

This looks like the user configured their system incorrectly doesn’t it - it was resolved and not related to the binding or the dongle.

In general, Ember dongles are probably the best available. The HUSBZB is a little old and unfortunately doesn’t have a bootloader to support firmware updates, but it’s still a good device and should work fine.

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Your points are spot on, and I have edited my question to remove all references to the husbzb-1.

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The XBee XStick S2 is fully supported by the ZigBee binding. I’m not familair with the S1 though. If this is the low level 802.15.4 radio, and not the ZigBee version, then I guess this has limited application as it requires another protocol on top (such as ZigBee or Thread etc).