Zigbee-binding: Not able to adjust RGB colour Gledopto LED Controller

Hello all,

Yesterday I received my Gledopto GL-C-008 RGB+CCT LED controller. I purchased this device because of its wide compatibility, Philips Hue bridge, SmartThings, Ikea Tradfi are among the supported platforms. I Figured that, because of this compatibility and the (claimed) compliance with ZLL, the device would work with the Zigbee binding.

In most ways this controller does, it connected fine and stays online. Light is switchable, dimmable en warm/cold white works. Problem is, colour does not. Paper UI does not list colour as an adjustment option, when I try to use a colorpicker on the sitemap it gives an error:

Received HTTP POST request at 'items/SKJ_LEDstrip_colour' with an invalid status value '11.764706,100.000000,100.000000'.

When, for testing purposes, I connected the controller to the Hue bridge and Hue app, colour (RGB) worked fine. If I understand correctly, the controller does not notify the Zigbee binding that it has colour (RGB) capabilities.

My question; Is there something I can do tol be able to adjust the RGB colour with the Zigbee binding?

I suspect that this error is not coming from the ZigBee binding - what is in the debug log from ZigBee?

Today I enabled the Zigbee debug logging. In the logs, I found a potentially interesting warning:

2019-10-14 20:15:20.516 [WARN ] [.converter.ZigBeeConverterColorColor] - 00124B001D84ECC4: Cannot determine whether device supports RGB color. Assuming it supports HUE/SAT

Hopefully the log file will be sufficient, if not please help me find the right information for you.
(Edit: my UUID was in the logs).
openhab.log (1011.1 KB)

@chris Did you manage (and have gotten the time) to find anything in te logs? Do you maybe need other logs or information?