Zigbee binding shows wrong status

I use the CC2531EMK Coordinator via the Zigbee binding. Even when I remove the dongle from the RPI3 the status shows online. The same holds for the zigbee devices connected to the coordinator, these also show always online status

There are no checks for this currently, but I expect that you should know that if you remove the stick, it will stop working :wink:

I’n not too worried about the dongle itself. But I intend to use some zigbee door sensors for an alarm system. Here it makes sense to have a regular check if the device is still online.

From the log-file I can see that a regular polling cycle is started. If the device is online, the items are updated. If the zigbee-device is offline there are no values returned. I guess in this case the thing status can be set to OFFLINE.

Are there any plans to update the binding to support this checkng?

Any chance the binding will be updated with changing the thing status to offline when the polling is not successfull?
In this case I can fire a rule that gives me a notification that the device is offline.

Sorry for missing this.

Yes, the binding should do this - please feel free to open an issue on this in the issue list.

Dear hamboo,
Did you open a new post for this issue…?

I have the same issue, that some of my philips hue bulbs are always offline, even if I switch them off manually…

I would like to include a rule that if the hue bulb is started via Zigbee binding, meaning to be powered, that the brightness will be set to 10%…

Hi Frank,

You probably means your bulbs are always ONLINE :slight_smile:
I created an issue on github on this: https://github.com/openhab/org.openhab.binding.zigbee/issues/315

Thank you for your feedback!

I checked the issue you have created but this doesn’t help at the moment.

My idea was to set up a rule which sets a hue bulb which is started in the night to 5% brightness so that nobody will wake up if I need to get up in the night.

Seems not

To be possible at this time. I will try to change the bulbs to INNR because those start up with the brightness you set before you turn them off…