Zigbee binding - Tradfri Remote e1810

i try to connect the tradfri remote e1810, but its always discoverd as “Unknown ZigBee Device”. The shown channel for the unknown device are either wrong or not working. The device is shown as “online”.

My setup:

  • Openhab 2.5.9 (docker)
  • Coordinator: BV 2010/10 (ZigBee USB dongle) - Ember EM35x Coordinator - Current firmware version: (shown as unknown)
  • Using the “native” Zigbee Binding

Any idea where there might be a problem? If you need further data or information let me know.

You can find the whole process of discovering the device in the attachment zigbee_discovery.txt (180.4 KB)

thank you

After reading many threads in this forum, it seems other people run into similar problems with the Tradfri remote(s). Some people recommend to use the hue bridge, zigbee2mqtt or the tradfri binding but want to use the “native” zigbee binding.

I disconnected, removed and connected the remote and the controller several times, but this doesnt seem to help. After all, it is now displayed with the correct name :slight_smile:

@chris : is there any chance to get this remote work?

These remotes use group broadcast for their messages. My last known status is, that the zigbee binding has not group broadcast implemented unfortunately.
zigbee2mqtthhas it implemented and it works as I’m using two of these remotes myself