Zigbee Binding, whats the meaning or effect of Initialize device?


as I did not found an answer in the documentation of the Zigbee binding I just waned to as the question what’s the exact meaning of the initialize device switch in the thing?

The switch sometimes appear sometimes more often then once as shown here: (I use an ember coordinator)

What I wonder is also that some devices seem to be initalized by zigbee and some not.

Thanks a lot for your support.
Maybe we can bring this afterwards towards the documentation.

BR and have a good day

The device initialisation option will initialise the device again. This configures the “binding and reporting” configuration within the device so that it sends the appropriate reports to the binding when things change.

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Hi @chris ,

after using the reinitialize device button all things moved to “gone”.
After some mintues some moved to offline.

zigbee nodes in the console shows only the coordinator.

Is there anything to recover and bring the devices back online?