ZigBee-Binding - Which Smoke Detector are compatible?

I’m running RPi/openHabian with a “Bitcon Video ZigBee USB Funkstick” (Ember-Chip) with the ZigBee-Binding.
Now I want to expand my system with ZeeBee-smoke-detectors. My first thought was the one from Xiaomi, but I figured out that they won’t be supported by the ZigBee-Binding; or exacly: the Xiaomi smoke detecors are not 100% compatible with ZigBee and are not working with the ZigBee-binding. Is that correct?
But which alternative ZigBee-smoke-detector ist compatible with the ZigBee-binding?
Is it possible to activate/deactivate the sound-alert of a smoke detector by openhab manually?


good question! I’m thinking about moving from zigbee2mqtt to the zigbee binding. however, my honeywell smoke detectors aren’t tested with the binding. same for my aqara body sensors.

Does somebody have an answer on that question?
@Skyhawk: In the meantime, have you bought a smoke detector and is it working?