Zigbee Binding with Tradfri Remote - adding user group

Hello everyone,

I’m currently using the zigbee binding with a telegesis coordinator to Control my Ikea bulbs. I like the remote pretty much aswell and therefore would like to use it as well. I’m aware that this currently does not work, as the remote doesn’t send any Information directly to the coordinator - unfortunately.

Over at zigbee2mqtt they figured out how to implement the remote into zigbee2mqtt. https://github.com/Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt/blob/dev/docs/getting_started/pairing_devices.md#ikea-tradfri-remote-control-e1524

You can get the Information (the Group ID) by using an additional zigbee sniffer (I currently have one cc2531 sniffer). The question is: now I have the Group ID, can I also somehow use it with the OH2 zigbee binding to implement the Tradfri remote?

@Chris do you maybe have a clue? As the Tradfri remote changes its Group ID upon reset, it is not possible to move the Tradfri remote from the telegesis coordinator to the newly flashed cc2531 to use it with zigbee2mqtt, because as far as I know, I can’t simply “move” a zigbee member from one network to another without resetting and it newly joining.

Currently the libs don’t support multicast very well so I don’t think this is really possible right now. It would need a little work to incorporate this into the libs, and then into the binding. It’s something I do want to do, but right now there are some other things to be looked at first…

Ok, thanks for the quick reply.

I guess with multicast you refer to the moving of a zigbee member?
And what about the (easier) way to add the coordinator Group? Is there something like this maybe already implemented in the binding? In zigbee2mqtt they only add group_id to a config file for the device

By multicast, I mean groups (groups use multicast addressing).


@chris do you have any news for us?
Is multicast addressing working for now, so that the remote will work?



No - at the moment multicast groups are not supported.

Are there maybe any updates on this @chris? Or a way to support you?

No, unfortunately there’s no change - at the moment groups are not supported.

Ok Thanks for the quick reply. Great work btw - prefer your binding compared to zigbee2mqtt, but still have to use it for some stuff like the remotes

I am using the zsmartsystems library with a cc2531 dongle, i saw that multicast was now supported for some of the dongles but not for the cc2531.
I was wondering if you planned on adding multicast support fort cc2531 too or not ?



At the moment, multicast is not implemented on any dongle.

Oh thanks for the very quick reply !

I saw things like a multicastRequest class in the ember dongle module so i thought it was implemented, i didn’t dig too much, sorry about that.
Then do you have any idea if it is going to be implemented at some point ?


There are some classes like this, and there is some handling of parts of the groups, but there are multiple elements required to actually use this.

Yes, it is something that will be done - hopefully in the near future but I wouldn’t want to set a date right now :wink:

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