Zigbee binding

Wow! Are you saying that this will turn any Ember dongle running at least 5.7.3 into a Zigbee sniffer?! The HUSBZB-1 (at least the one I have) is running firmware… so it looks like it would need a firmware update. Any chance you can suggest a dongle available in the US that has 5.7.3+?

Yes - although I’m not saying that it needs 5.7.3 - just that I can confirm that 5.7.3 will support it. Older versions may also support it - I’ve just not checked back further than this, and I do know it’s not a really old feature. I’ll see if I can find docs for 5.4 to see if it’s supported.

The binding can do this :wink: . I can probably supply you the latest firmware, and I’d be reasonably sure it will work (but, there’s always that small possibility it won’t - but I think it’s really low).

No - only the CEL MeshConnect stick, but that doesn’t have ANY firmware, so it needs programming with the Silabs programmer. I could get some and program them if there’s interest.

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I can’t find the full docs for 5.4, but I did find an older one that indicates it might have already been included, so there’s a good possibility that it will work with 5.4.

Note that this does also need an update to the main library to work, and as there are some small breaking changes to the APIs in this version, it will also need a binding update. I’m trying to wrap all these changes into a single release if I can to avoid too much pain…

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That’s promising… I need some backup hardware anyway, so I’ll pick up a spare and try this out. Worst case, I’ll need to flash it. Hmmm, maybe updated firmware on my coordinator would stop my bulbs from dropping too… :thinking:

I am of course talking complete bollocks when I said you need the updated library etc! While this is true for the binding, the sniffer application is a completely separate application and not linked to the binding, so can include the updated library without impact on the binding - I can provide a copy to try if you want to try it.

I’ve created a JAR for the Ember sniffer, and started a document describing how to use it in case anyone wants to try. At the moment it focuses on the Ember sniffer I wrote since that’s what I’m currently using - I’ve added a link for some software to use the cheap TI dongles as well, but I’ve not tried this yet. I have purchased one off the web and document how to get it going once it arrives.

Document explaining the sniffer use is here, and the Ember sniffer software is here.

While I don’t tend to use Wireshark, I will try and make some effort to update the documentation, and provide updates to the analyses as we uncover issues, to try and make it more useful for everyone (which will hopefully allow me to further improve the binding :slight_smile: ).

I’d be interested!

Hi @chris,

I have few CC2538 modules to test as Coordinator, End device and would like to work on ESH.

Does this binding supported on ESH ?


I have not tried the 2538 so I’m not sure. I would expect the protocol to be the same as 2531 as TI don’t have multiple stacks, but there may (quite probably!) be small differences that mean it doesn’t work. You would need to try and see I’m afraid.

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Hej, did you manage the motion sensor problem? Does it work? I am thinking of buying it.


I don’t think I ever got any information on it, so I don’t know why it doesn’t work. If they are a common device, I’m happy to look at adding support if a few people want to donate the money so I can get one. Alternatively, if someone has one and can find out the information needed - this is always slower and more difficult though.

I believe I did send you an email with the info for the device, Chris…

To answer this

No I did not mange to get it to work, (this is a general matter on all my Zigbee devices).
I´m waiting for Chris to do something with the binding, and I believe he´s waiting to get some information from Silabs and their support according to this:

I´m willing to donate some money, Chris. But would it make an sense, since none of my devices seems to work? I´ll rather donate money getting something to work, or at least to know, how come it doesn´t work. If it´s the :slight_smile:

I thought that it didn’t have the information

No - I’m not doing anything with this, and there’s nothing I’m waiting on from Silabs so I’m not sure what you’re thinking of here :confused: . Maybe I’ve missed something?

Ah - I think when you mention Silabs, you are talking about devices leaving - this is a different issue. Unfortunately I need more information from people with a packet sniffer for this though :frowning: .

I don’t think that’s correct - I’m sure I’ve seen you say it was working? I think again you are talking about the devices leaving the network after a few days or so and not that no devices work? If so, please don’t get this muddled up with individual devices [edit: the global issue is not a device issue - it’s likely a coordinator issue so will not happen with all dongles]. Hopefully we will get to the bottom of the device leaving issue, but as it’s a low level problem, it’s hard to debug without a packet sniffer to see what is happening.

Regarding the Trust Zigbee motion sensor, (Trust Zigbee motion sensor ZPIR-8000. And it´s name is ADUROLIGHT VMS_ADUROLIGHT). I did NOT manage to get it to work. I managed to get it included allright. But it had no channels. And according to Habmin, the devices has not completed discovery. But it went from unknown to naming. So some part of the discovery did complete.
I gave up after that due to the problems, which I understood was related to the other problems with devices leaving after a few hours. I could have misunderstood though.
If you need anything or want to me test anything, just yell. I was waiting for you/someone to do something, which is why I didn´t go any futher :wink:

EDIT - My Zigbee devices are test devices. So it doesn´t really matter if I ruin something.

I need to know what services the device supports. This is normally saved into an XML file in the {userdata}/zigbee folder for each coordinator. Without this showing the services, I have no way to know what the device does.

That said, a quick search on the web seems to show lots of systems having problems with this (SmartThings and Athom at least). It may be that it’s designed to work directly with lighting and not a home controller.

If I can find one cheaply I’ll see if I can pick one up.

You´l talkning about the ZPIR-8000 (Trust Zigbee motion sensor) right?
According to it´s documentation, it should be Zigbee certified. (I have no idea if that means it´s fully standard Zigbee supported… I would say it is).

If thats all you need, I´m willing to donate the money if there is an easy way, (paypal perhaps).

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean toooo much in this instance. There are different certifications - the commons ones are HAP, SEP, ZLL, but there are a bunch of others. ZigBee 3 tries to unify the different profiles, but there are very few ZB3 devices currently on the market.

If the device is only designed to work with ZLL (ie lighting) then it might be difficult to get it to work with a controller.

Great!, so much for certifications. I really love standards! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I have the device. I have a Zigbee controller, (Ember EM35x Coordinator, ie Elelabs Zigbee shield). I have OpenHab2…
I did send you a XML file, but for some reason it did not include what you were searching for…
Now… How to go from there:

  1. Why didn´t the xml file contain the information you´re looking for?
  2. Donating the device/money/whatever.
  3. Wait untill you have found a cheap device?
  4. Is there any other way I can provide information?

Anything I can do?.. Remove my zigbee devices, (though this seems to be a problem as well… At least one device got stuck, (Xiaomi device). Reset my controller and remove the devices, then try again… running a sniffer… Whatever, Kill the binding and go back to the stable, throw my Rpi into the wall (I do have a spare one :smile:), stop yelling? :blush: . Anything!

Just suggestions to get going.

Thanks for info. I bought Zigbee bulb from Trust and it seems that it is working allright. The rest of Trust’s sensors are priced relatively ok, so I was thinking to keep buying…

The more that I read, the more I think that I should not invested in ZigBee controller?