ZigBee Bitron stick

Did anyone try the Zigbee binding with OH3 yet?
I have a Bitron Video ZigBee USB Funkstick - according to the binding doc’s it should use 115200bps Hardware flow control - but i’m unable to force it to this in the gui… always jumps back to 57600bps and software fc. it shows as Online though, but can’t find any zigbee devices…

anyone got it to work?


i’m still on 2.5.8 - my bitron video zigbee is also at 57600bps (flow software xon/xoff) and working fine :+1: so this shouldn’t be your pitfall…you will need to look at the logs, maybe enable debug logging. just look at the binding’s documentation https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/zigbee/#when-things-don-t-appear-to-be-working

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thanks, it was working in 2.5.9 - but i wasnt quite sure what baud it was running then… and it seems it lost my configs when restoring backup.

i’ll enable debug and have a look - i’ve only attached 2 ikea rollershutters on zigbee - so no problem for me to test this out alittle with OH3 :slight_smile:


btw, is zigbee devices paired with the Coordinator in the same way as in zwave devices are paired with the Controller?
or do i have to re-pair my devices now after the zigbee binding is reset?


Yes :slight_smile:

I think for the Bitron, that is correct, but it should not “jump back” so there may be a bug somewhere with configuration in OH3.

ZigBee and ZWave are very different. The pairing process, and the network “system” in general are very different. The ZigBee coordinator has no knowledge about devices that are, or are not, on the network. The binding only knows this - if you’ve not copied over the binding persistence files, then the binding will need to rediscover the devices. Normally this is done if the device is powered off/on - it may also work when the binding starts as the binding will try to rebuild the cache.

Well, this really depends on what “reset” means. If you have reset the controller, then you absolutely must join devices again. If the stick did not get reset, then it should discover devices again for the most part.

Note that if you have battery devices, discovery can be problematic since the device may be sleeping (depending on the device) and this may mean the binding can’t communicate with it.

Thank you so much @chris - that makes sense!

i have a feeling that “openhab-cli backup” is limited in this sense, and havent backup’ed all the zigbee (or zwave for that matter) xml files.

I did a do a vmware snapshot and veeam backup before i started so i can certainly get the files back - are these stored in the /var/lib/openhab/zigbee/zigbee_coordinator_ember_XXXXX folder? i see that i only have the coordinator xml itself there now.

for reference, i did a openhab-cli backup, purged openhab2, installed openhab and openhab-cli restore. Might be a possible bug report/feature request for the openhab-cli backup/restore functions here?

Thanks again for the quick reply :slight_smile:


@Chris_Thomsen: Please correct me if I’m wrong, but the Zigbee XML files are backup’ed by openhab-cli backup.

  • /var/lib/openhab is part of the backup
  • XML files are located in that dir …/zigbee
    as the files are located under /var/lib/openhab/… which is part of the backup.

Are there any other zigbee related config/cache files that need to be copied over to a new system?

I have had issues in the past with having to set up my zigbee network after an upgrade within OH2 . (I haven’t had the time to try OH3 yet.) I would always use the cli-backup before an upgrade, and after noticing that my zigbee adapter was missing would try a restore, but I always had to start from scratch with the zigbee devices.

My understanding from the beginning of this thread: There shouldn’t be any issues with my zigbee controller if I shut down my OH2 system (apt install /set the services to not start on boot & restart) and spin up an OH3 container. When I’m done testing/setting OH3 up for a time, I should be able to restart OH2, and it keep working like nothing happened. Is that correct?

If I did this, would I have to manually connect my devices going both ways?