Zigbee, CC2531 and hue lights

I have my openhab working successfully with my hue bridge but I have few other devices that the hue bridge doesn’t like. So I bought a CC2531, flashed the recommended firmware, added it on Openhab (it shows green and online) but then on a scan it doesn’t see anything.

After some searches, it looks like this is probably because all my hue lights are already paired with my bridge which makes sense. So to add the hue lights to another bridge, it sounds like the solution is to reset the lights to factory settings. That doesn’t sound too crazy but is there anything easier today than doing this procedure?

I removed my bulbs from the Hue hub from the Hue app.
When a bulb is excluded from the Hue hub it can be picked up right away.
Most of them did that, but not all. I had to reset some with a Hue dimmer-remote.

(I still have some left on my hub. They can not be included because of what seems like a firmware issue in my bitronvideo stick)

I bought another CC2531 - one thing I had to do to see the lights in OH was to reboot the whole RPi. Before the reboot, the controller was online but discovery did not show anything.