Zigbee(CC2531) End Device Configurations

Hi @chris,

I spent couple of days work on my own end device and finally got some solution to set device
type,profile id,and end point and input clusters and output clusters.

End Device Configurations:

device type : 0x02(End Device)

profile id : 0x0104(Home Automation profile Id).

end points : 0x07(end points same for both coordinator and end device)

input clusters :
inClusterList[0] = 0;
inClusterList[1] = 3;
inClusterList[2] = 4;
inClusterList[3] = 5;
inClusterList[4] = 6;

output clusters:

outClusterList[0] = 0;

I have shared end device configuration file.

EndDevice.txt (23.6 KB)

Thanks and Regards,


Sorry, but I’m not sure what you are asking for here?

Now the device discovered issue was resolved.I have shared some screen shots for reference.

Both devices are in ONLINE state.

But here the device still showing in UNKNOWN.

Now Where I have to configure for getting multiple channels. Like here got only one channel i.e

switch.Exactly my intention is control the switch items like switch ON/OFF.