Zigbee (Conbee 2) and enocean on one hardware

Hi there!

Openhab3 on VM in the basement technical room (connected to UPS)
CCU3 in the basement technical room (connected to UPS)
2 RF Gateways on ground floor and first floor
Raspi with Conbee2 Stick at ground floor

Alle Homematic and Zigbee devices are running as expected.

Implement enocean as a third protocol. I bought an USB-Dongle by Eltako.
I could connect it directly to the CCU, but i do not wan’t to move it to the ground floor, because of the missing UPS).

Is there a way to use the Conbee Stick (GUI is Phoscon) and the enocean gateway (also USB) on one raspi without virtualizing it? Has anyone tried debMatic with enocean gateway and phoscon with conbee on rasbian?

If virtualizing is the only way, what hypervisor would you prefer?

Thank you all in advance!