Zigbee Connection Issues

I’m hoping somebody on here can give me some advise.

I had all my lights connected via a Philips Hue Bridge for some time but I noticed that lights had started dropping their connection and had to be power cycled to get them to reconnect.

Thinking I had a problem with my bridge I Installed Zigbee2MQTT and transferred all my lights over to that. Unfortunately I can still see that lights are dropping connection, on the positive side, so far, they have all reconnected by themselves without needing a power cycle.

All the bulbs are being used as routers so I can’t see single strength being an issue, can having multiple Zigbee bulbs close to each other cause problems? I have 4 Spot Bulbs in the living room that are within 30-40 cm apart, 2 of them are fine but the other 2 tend to drop off from time to time.

Back when I was using the Hue Bridge I tried different channels and that made no difference.