Zigbee controller - communication error . Multiple bindings problem

I have a telegesis USB dongle, and with binding installed, correct com port. but it says communication error.
in the karaf console, with list -s | grep zigbee, I see 5x 1.16 bindings and 5x 2.5.0M1 bindings. Is this the reason why its a problem? How do I resolve this?

much thanks.
PS - No issue with my z wave aeotec Gen5 stick

yes maybe two bindings are loaded. Please specify how the bindings are installed and also clear the cache and restart

you have the serial binding installed?

Much thanks for quick reply

I installed the zigbee binding via Paper UI.
I will clear the cahe and restart again.
Yes, serial binding also installed at karaf console with: feature:install openhab-transport-serial

if it doesn’t work, check to see if two bundles are running, search it or I think it is something like this at the karaf console

smarthome:bundles:list | grep zigbee