Zigbee controller: recommendations


I am a recent user of Openhab (running on a Windows 10 PC) and I would now like to use it for controlling two Stelpro convectors that have a built-in Zigbee interface. I do not have any Zigbee interface module on my PC at the moment and I am looking for recommendations, ideally something that has been tested with Stelpro heaters. I already have Zwave and Insteon interfaces and I would love to change them for a universal (Zigbee+Zwave+Insteon etc) if that existed but I don’t suppose it does.
Many thanks in advance for your advice.

Where in the world are you located? There is a Z-Wave / Zigbee combo stick for the North American Z-Wave region.

Z-Wave is region-specific and I know of no other combo sticks.

I really doubt you will find all 3. I believe Insteon is proprietary and vendors are motivated to lock you into their restricted cloud & subscription services.

I use conbee and deconz. I like it works great.

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They were asking for a Z-Wave + Zigbee device. the only one I am aware of (North America & Mexico only) is the HUSBZB-1.

I think your device is Zigbee only.


@Bruce_Osborne yes conbee is zigbee only. I misread the question. Thanks for clarification!

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Have you looked at isy 994 or other model?

It is unclear if you can get zigbee and zwave but it has Insteon also. It may however be Insteon and zigbee or Insteon and zwave vs all theee. You would have to read up if you have not.

Hi Bruce,

I live in Canada, so the Zwave/Zigbee stick should work for me. Do you have a more precise reference (product name or brand)?

Thanks a lot.

OK, I found the GoControl CECOMINOD016164 HUSBZB-1 Hub USB on Amazon. This is probably my best bet.

Does anyone Know whether or not the Samsung SmartThings controller would also be a good option?

Many thanks to all.

SmartThings is a hub designed specifically for their cloud service.
It is not recommended for openHAB although you might be able to integrate somewhat by using some open communications standard such as MQTT

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Understood. Thanks a lot!

Aren’t you having any issues where the deconz api sometimes stops working for one random bulb? I run the same combination, with deconz on a dedicated pi3b and I haven’t been able to run stable for more than a month or 2. Could you share your configuration?

I have been running for about a year. I only have two intermittent issues. One is a candle to e27 adapter that is flakey causes one bulb to go crazy. **not a deconz issue.

Other is one bulb that won’t always control properly. I seem to have fixed it with a bulb as a repeater in the next room over. I also know this part of my house has signal problems and I put a WiFi repeater for the same area.

What part of my config are you looking for I use the hue binding for lights. @xrmthomas can you start a new thread with your questions and we can discuss it?