Zigbee Device Binding Fails to Update End Device Measured Values


I am using Openhab2 v2.40 with the HUSBZB-1 in an effort to read a temperature/pressure sensor I am developing and have run into an issue where openhab sporadically reads the sensor’s values. I have established communication with the sensor in both Bellows and deConz and know that the sensor is updating its attributes and that they are accessible.

In openhab, after the sensor is discovered and joins the network, occasionally the control panel will either show a single reading from the temperature sensor then never update again or it shows NaN. I am sure that the sensor is sending values in the correct format (degC * 100). The logs show where the temperature is read once but never updated after that. The pressure readings seem to be continuously updated in openhab per the logs. The only thing I can find in the logs is the Zigbee Temperature converter loging that it is unable to bind to the temperature measurement cluster. I believe this happens after the sensor is read and UI updated.

Side note: At one point openhab had been properly updating the measured values every time the sensor attribute was updated by the sensor, unfortunately the machine that was running that instance of openhab has since crashed.

I have tried both manually creating items in an items file as well as through PaperUI, neither seems to work consistently or any better than the other.

I have included the openhab and events log below. Sensor discovery occurs near the 2019-04-02 17:02:13.473 timestamp in openhab.log.
openhab.log (416.2 KB)
events.log (19.4 KB)

Any advice is greatly appreciated.