Zigbee dongle for Aqara devices

Hi everyone,

I would like to use some devices of the Aqara Zigbee product line, but if possible I would like to avoid the Xiaomi gateway. Are there some recommended USB dongles that are proven to work with those devices and with OH?

Just replied on a similar thread, have a look at zigbee2mqtt, they got various usb sticks listed as option.
I got a few Xiaomi sensors working with it.

Edit: just make sure that the stick supports the right zigbee version as aqara just launched zigbee 3 variants of their sensors.

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Deconz binding with the conbee2 stick does also work like a charm.

You have three options:

  1. Zigbee Binding
  2. zigbee2mqtt
  3. Deconz binding

Please refer to the corresponding pages to check the supported sticks.

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Hi all and thank you for the answers. I will check it out!

Im using Sonoff Zigbee flashed with Tasmota via MQTT binding, works really good.


Just one warning: The widely used cc2531 is only stable up to ten devices.
I had a lot of trouble with it, so don’t use it if you want to expand your network.

I’m using zzah! With zigbee2mqtt, it’s super stable!
Went from a cc2531.


It’s probably not compatible with oh zigbee binding, but I haven’t had time to try it.

Can I ask what you experienced with 10+ devices?
I got currently 8 or so on it, but plan to expand soon (i run though another router (ikea) to expand coverage).

My device started to become unreliable and some messages just did not go through and it would stop receiving. Then I had to restart the coordinator and it would work for a few days.

I went on the Internet and read that it won’t be good to coordinate larger networks. I think around 50 devices is the maximum, but my coordinate gave in way earlier (20 devices).

If you have one, I’d use it until you run into problems, unless your devices are super critical…

" * Adapters based on the CC2530 or CC2531 chip are not powerful and not recommended for networks larger than 20 devices."

Thanks! Signed up for the zzah wait-list just in case. Shipping will be pricy but let’s see. Will run my stick till I get issues as you suggested.