Zigbee Dongle with Zigbee2MQTT

Hi all,

I am trying to integrate an zigbee dongle in my OH3.4 system. I am using a raspberry 4 with openhabian and a Sonoff ZBDongle-E. I don’t want to use the zigbee binding because I also want to integrate non-proprietary devices like Aqara sensors.

So here comes my issue: I have connected the dongle via usb, with „lsusb“ I can see it. When I start my openhabian-config to install zigbee2mqtt I does not show dongle. Googled already a lot, most results talking about home assistant installation and some about /dev/serial/by-id, I only have /dev/serial/by-path

Any of you had same topic or can support on that?

Maybe related?

yes, that’s the same debian bug: The correct links for usb-devices are not created.
We can try the following workaround:
Change “by-id” with “by-path” in the file
and try again (around line 296)

Yes, perfect. I have replaced /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/60-serial.rules, rebooted the system and installed via openhabian-config. The adapter was showing up now and i can now start working on connecting all my zigbee devices.
Thx a lot!