[Zigbee] Ember Cannot transport TrustCenter link key to joined device

I have been facing this problem for several days,
I have try many kind of configuration, but non of these succesfull.
I’m using Ember EFR32 coordinator with Openhab & another EFR32 Router device.
I was able to join and control the Router device if I use Linux Zigbee Gateway Host from http://www.wless.ru/files/ZigBee/ConnectedHome/EthGW/ug129-zigbee-gateway-ref-design-guide.pdf
But when using this coordinator with openhab I cannot join device due to trust center link key cannot be transported.
In sumarize what i did is:

Its hard to tell from pictures, but normally this is because the link key is not correct.If this is a ZB3.0 device you may need to use an install code rather than the HA1.2 link key.

This is just devkit device ZB3.0 we don’t use any install code!