Zigbee fancontrol item created as readonly


I have a Zigbee HA 1.2 thermostat that got connected successfully to the network and was recognized by the zigbee binding, but I noticed that the fancontrol item is created as readonly.

I am getting the same result when creating items in simple and manual modes.
I created a static thing-type for the device hoping that it might fix it, but it kept creating the item as readonly.

I thought that discussing the problem here before submitting an issue is better since I might be missing something.

NOTE: I can control the item using rest API and it is working correctly, but not in the paperUI.

The zigbee xml file reported the attribute correctly as writable

        <name>Fan Mode</name>
        <lastValue class="int">5</lastValue>

fancontrol Item showing the readonly state

    "link": "",
    "state": "4",
    "stateDescription": {
        "minimum": 0,
        "maximum": 9,
        "step": 1,
        "pattern": "",
        "readOnly": true,
        "options": [
                "value": "4",
                "label": "On"
                "value": "5",
                "label": "Auto"


Configuration Description
Coordinator used cc2531
openHAB version 2.5.5
Hardware embedded device
Memory 1GB
Java version 8

Thanks. I’ve found this issue and will do an update today or tomorrow.

I think here right?

Seems like systemMode attribute is also affected by this issue

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Both of these are fixed now.

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