Zigbee item channel documentation

I am using @chris’s ZigBee binding; my items (coordinator & dimmable light) were discovered by the binding, and now I want to create items for the dimmable light. Unfortunately I cannot find any resources on the binding/channel syntax, other than @Mariusm’s yet unanswered question here. I also did a forum search but that didn’t turn up much either.

I tried a lot of different nomenclatures, but none of them worked for my devices. Perhaps someone can help me figure this out. My devices are the following:

  • Coodrinator “CC2530EMK”: zigbee:coordinator_cc2530:092b2034
  • Dimmable light “OSRAM LIGHTIFY A19 Tunable White”: zigbee:device:092b2034:8418260000021d73

This is what my non-functional zigbee.items file looks like:

Group study "Study" <office>
Group study_light "Light" <light> (study)
Switch study_light_switch "Light sw" <light> (study_light) { channel="zigbee:coordinator_cc2530:device:092b2034:device:092b2034:8418260000021d73:switch_onoff" }

The light implements the 0 Basic, 3 Identify, 4 Groups, 5 Scenes, 6 OnOff, 8 LevelControl, 768 ColorControl, and 2820 ElectricalMeasurement clusters

The channels currently defined in the binding are here -:

Note that this will shortly be superseded by a new binding (although it’s likely this will be exactly the same).

Thanks for the pointer. The only thing I need to know now is what I need to put before/after the switch_onoff port of of my item’s channel configuration. Based on my things’ names, could you please give me a concrete example?

I tend to do all my configuration through the UI, so I’m not 100% sure. But, the format should be <binding>:<bridge>:<device>:<channel>. So, I think zigbee:092b2034 covers the coordinator (coordinator being the bridge), and 8418260000021d73 is your device, so zigbee:092b2034:8418260000021d73:switch_onoff (I think!) should be the channel.

Thanks. I’ll try that as soon as I can.
Unfortunately a.t.m. I cannot get my Zigbee Things to progress beyond the “Initializing” state any more, after launching OH2, Once I have that figured out (there are no clues in the log, unfortunately) I’ll create some Items based on these Things

Chris, Where do you plan to release new zigbee binding?

https://github.com/openhab/org.openhab.binding.zigbee or

It will go into the new repository at org.openhab.binding.zigbee…