Zigbee Messages or lack thereof

Platform information: RPi3
openHAB version: 2.4.0-1
I just worked to uninstall all old Zigbee bindings now am running the 2.5.1 snapshot. I have the HUSBZB-1 and a few sensors (Ecolink DW,Linkind Motion, IRIS Motion, Iris DW). The devices appear as online, however I only am not getting much in the way of messaging. I enabled the debug and can see when the door sensors make or break contact as an attribute changes, but it doesn’t look like like that makes it to OH unless I have the debug enabled. Once I disable logging, I receive spuratic updates (only of Temperature and Battery Voltage) and never a contact closure. I do see that there are frames sent and received in the OH log. openhab.log (976.2 KB)

Firstly, please use the latest binding - it’s hard to support old bindings.

Please can you describe what you mean when you make such statements? I only see one attribute report in your log, but it’s difficult for me to know what you are doing and at what time you are changing the contact.

My guess is that the device is sleeping when it was initialising, and the device is not initialised properly. It needs to be woken up during initialisation so it can be configured. The binding has a reinitialise option (it’s a parameter in each thing), so I’d suggest using that, but please first upgrade to the most recent milestone or snapshot version.

Running OpenHAB 2.4.0 could add issues too. Not much support should be expected on that old a release.

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Hmm - I missed that - good spot Bruce. This might be why @cmolig is using an old binding as a new binding won’t work with 2.4 (since about 2.5.6 I think).

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@Bruce_Osborne & @chris, thank you for the quick responses. I will update and report back. Chris, I will do better about including timestamps of when the actions are performed. First things first, update.

Thanks again!


Thanks guys! Updated and all is working well! I’ve had 2 or 3 occasions where some or all of the switches have dropped out (lost comms) and I’ve restarted OH to get them back. I’ll have to do more debugging to see if that continues and why. Overall, quite pleased, thanks again!

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