Zigbee oder zwar-Wave-Wallswitch in existing double switch

I would like to make the double switch marked in the picture (it controls two different ceiling lamps) “smart” - actually it would even be enough to integrate only the left switch into my home automation.
Here is some more information:

  • It is a “Jung” system
  • … Preferably would be an integration via ZWAVE …

Does anyone have an idea how this can be done?So far I have experience with Fibaro RollerShutter - modules … but I can not imagine to put something like this in a box in which two switches are controlled.

Hi Thomas,

I use Fibaro FGS222 and FGS223 (Z-Wave) in similar scenarios for double switch. It was a bit difficult as not too much space to install ( depend on the installation).

There are several options:

It really depends on the space left in your flush-mounted box …

Thanks for the support. I know about the “in-the-wall” modules … I would have hoped that someone knows a switch module (eg similar to a Walli double switch), which fits into an existing Jung frame.

There are a double switch from Technisat availabe for Busch-Jaeger, Mertens and Gira. For Jung is still in planning phase.

Did not

Anyone experience with these, is the quality & working good?
Seems like an easier route than indeed trying to squize one of the regular ones behind an existing box (at least in my place found it quite an challenge to add the zwave module)

… and of course there are “on-wall” devices, e. g. Z-Wave.Me WallC-2 Funkwandschalter | Z-Wave | Schalter | Licht & Aktoren | Smarthome4u - but this is probably not what you are looking for.

not even “in planing” … i’ve asked … :man_shrugging: