Zigbee OH3.0 Aqara Humidity Temp Sensor

after upgrading to OH3 my Aqara Temp Sensor stopped reporting.
I deleted the Thing and just hit Scan again.
The thing was found again.
However it is not discovered with less channels.

Battery and Link Quality is gone.


I don’t think those channels exist do they - neither in OH3 or OH2?

There is no link quality channel unless it’s a special channel for this device? And if I remember correctly, the Xiaomi devices use some non standard battery reporting, so this is not available as per the following -:

There are at least 4 different ways to get this sensor integrated into OpenHAB.

  1. zigbee-binding (from @chris)
  2. mi-home binding (you need the mi-gateway then)
  3. mi-io binding (you need the mi-gateway then)
  4. mqtt-binding with zigbee2mqtt

There may be different channels regarding which way you use.
Are you sure you used the zigbee-binding in the old installation?

The screenshot you posted, is from zigbee2mqtt for example.