Zigbee problems

Debian 9 running on a dedicated PC I3 8g 1tb
Linear HUSBZ-1 reliably running zigbee devices for several weeks. Had to restart the computer, everything came back up fine except the zigbee coordinator. USB ports come up the same. Ember EM35x Coordinator shows as unknown in paperUI. Finally delete zigbee coordinator and then use paperUI to install a new one and zigbee coordinator shows online but all devices show bridge uninitialized. Delete most my sensors, have to force delete a few. Restart, run discovery and cheap iris sensor that went offline a few days ago pops up in the inbox. None of my other sensors show up. When running discovery and resetting one my sensors, the light blinks for a few seconds then stops as if it has been discovered but doesn’t show up in inbox.
This set up had been running for several weeks very reliably and a simple restart trashes the whole set up. This is very disheartening.

wow… ok… ah can anybody at least tell me how to wipe this thing out and start over?

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I feel your pain! I have about 30 z-wave nodes and 12 Zigbee devices and what you described happened to me yesterday. I’m using a Raspberry PI 3b with stable snapshot 2.3. Zigbee is controlled with an Telegesis usb stick. I’m using mapdb and rrd4j for persistence. My system has been running, like yours, rock solid. I’ve been testing it by occasional reboots and I unplugging it so I can back up the micro sd card. Lucky I learned how to have OH auto backup to a usb thumbdrive every day at noon and starts overwriting after 30 days. I have the gentleman at MK-SmartHouse to thank for that. I tried everything you did but no response from my Zigbee devices or controller. I thought the controller was dead! Anyway I restored the chip from a 4 day old backup which magically restored my devices, minus 3 that were added post meltdown. I then restored from a one day old backup file and everything recovered. So backup, backup!!!