Zigbee pulse switch/relay

I want to modify a few devices so I can use them with OH.
For example a Senseo coffee machine or Irobot vacuum cleaner.

I’m looking for a small zigbee device to connect in parallel with the hardware button in the machine. The device (relay or switch?) must fit in the device and NOT work on batteries. It also needs to give a “pulse” instead of a “normal open/closed” contact.
I have no idea where to start. Any ideas which hardware I need?


Hello, I am looking for the exact same thing. If you find a solution, please update here. Thank you

Why use Zigbee? It’s possible but more expensive.
Google XBee if you want to go this route.

Use an ESP 8266 flashed with tasmota or EspEasy.
As ESP I would use a Wemos D1 with relay board.

Control it over http or Mqtt in Tasmota or Espeasy.

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Does this fit the bill? Not affiliated with the company and not tried myself

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