Zigbee routers goes offline after 2 days.I am using Xbee s2c co ordinator

Hi I have xbee s2c co ordinator.
I am using latest zigbee binding 2.5.9
My xbee s2c cordinator is online.
Everything works fine but after 2 days zibee switches go offline.Then I need to restart the system and then everthing works fine.
Why does switcehs go offline after 2 days?
I was using cc2531 previously but it too had issues.
Now I changed the co ordinator and I am facing this issue.
Please provide some support.

Please provide some support

Why there is no support?
I have started this thread yesterday and facing problem with zigbee binding since feb this year.I am really very disappointed with support

Really - you asked your question on a community support forum 24 hours ago. Please remember that this is not a commercial product so you do not get commercial support. People here will generally try and help where they can, but demanding support is really not a great way to participate in the community.

Unfortunately it’s very hard to answer a question like “my system doesn’t work - tell me what’s wrong”, which is kind of what you’ve done. The documentation has a section on logging - this will help you to understand what the issues might be - and if you can’t interpret the logs, providing them so that others can help, will make it easier for us to help you.

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