Zigbee-Sensors offline after reboot


I have different Zigbee-Sensors connected to a cc2531. For example a Aqara Wireless Mini Switch or the Temperatur/Humidity/Pressure Sensor.

But if I restart the Openhab-System (in my case a Raspberry Pi) I have to reconnect any sensor by long pressing the Button at the sensor.
Is there any way to reconnect automatically?

What binding are you using? That would be pertinent info to the question.

This is not normal on my deconz setup.

I guess it is not normal for any binding, but it is clearly useful to know what is being discussed :wink:

I never see such issues with the ZigBee binding either (using Ember NCP rather than TI though). The ZigBee binding (or a derivative) is used by tens of thousands of users with the ember - I’m not so sure about the TI though but it is a lot less common.

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Oh, of course! Sorry!
I’m using the ZigBee Binding. https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/zigbee/

Hi together,
I am using also a CC2531-Stick with some “Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensors” and I have the same problem. Everythink is working and I can fetch the values (everything is working fine) but when I restart the system/rasperry PaperUI is showing this information and I can not bring the sensor back. I need to reset it:


The notification implies that the device was not found in the network, which probably means that you removed files in the userdata folder, or they were somehow removed, or the thing was removed and added back.

Hi Chris, no I really only restarted the system. Nothing more. I can add the sensor again by restore the default settings of the sensor (pressing long the button of the device). I think it is the same issue like “Samual Lückoff”.

It’s really hard to say as there is little information.

All I can really go on is this -:

This means that the device is not found in the network. In more detail - there is no list of nodes in the network - the binding must keep this itself. It stores this information in files in the {userdata}/zigbee folder (with subfolders for each coordinator. If somehow this gets removed, then the binding will not know anything about devices. It can sometimes find them again if they send a message, or the binding will try and send a request to them, but this will not normally work with battery devices.

So, please check if this folder is there and tell me what is inside.

Battery devices may only show online when they wake up to send data. They are not always on like a mains powered device.

This is most likely Normal behavior. If you reboot and wait for say an hour does it report new info? Have you checked?

That’s dependant on the device. In general, they should respond within 7.6 seconds although cheaper devices like Xiaomi often won’t respect this.

Really? It doesn’t seem right to me, but maybe I’ve missed something. Why is the node not found in the ZigBee network? To me, the only way is if the information I mentioned earlier is missing - right?

Hi Anna,

I switched over to zigbee2mqtt.
With the cc2531 I think it is a better solution.
Stable and more devices are supported.