Zigbee - Sinope Technologies TH1300ZB

I just installed this controller (Sinope TH1300ZB) for the in-floor heating in my bathroom. I assumed everything would come up nicely since it was Zigbee, but there seems to be some problems.

After initialization, I’ve got 8 channels: thermostat mode, voltage, unoccupied heating temp, local temp, occupied heating, system mode, current, outdoor temp.

Looking at the Smartthings driver here, there seems to be some key ones missing - one relate to occupancy being the most important.


I’m not seeing a way to actually turn the thermostat on without it. I’m also not sure where to start troubleshooting this.

Zigbee debug logs here:

The device is:

Happy to put in any legwork required if someone can point me in the right direction?

@chris, any recommendations on how I can move forward here?


I guess at the moment this channel is not supported, so the binding would need to be updated to add it. If you raise an issue on the binding github issue list I will try and take a look, but it might not be for a while.

Thanks, Chris. I’ll add an issue. If there’s anything I can help out with, please let me know.