Zigbee stick?

FYI, EmberZNet 6.7.10 for EM3587 has now also been made available by grobasoz


EmberZNet 6.7.10 has been confirmed working by Elix-g in a discussion about flashing here:


Again, this requires defining a baud rate of 115200 instead of 57600 which I believe is the baud rate on the default firmware.

hm, I am a bit confused over witch firmware to choose for the Bitronvideo…
Oh, well, I hope to find the time to read into it and test.

Chris fixed some related bug for this, see this thread for details: Firmware upgrade the Bitronvideo BV 2010/10 ZigBee USB dongle - #3 by NilsOF

openHAB 3.2.0 should have the bug fixes.

This bug was only in snapshots for a week or so - it was introduced in some changes shortly before you noticed, so most people won’t have had any issue using 115k2 (I’ve personally always used this on all my systems going back to the first version of the binding).


Start by reading/following discussion in → https://github.com/walthowd/husbzb-firmware/issues/38

PS: Still recommend keeping an eye for dongles coming later this year with upcoming chip from Silabs.