Zigbee supported device

Any chance of this device from Develco working with the Zigbee binding? @chris


It doesn’t look like it will work out of the box, but it would not be huge work to get it working I think. At least some of the measurement clusters are supported, but there’s no attribute channels at the moment.

That sounds kinda promising :slight_smile: I am expecting delivery of the device next week. Up until now I have only used Z-wave devices - so the zigbee binding is new to me. How might I go about adding support for the device? Sadly I am not a developer, but I will do what I can.

Please open an issue in the zigbee repository. I’d suggest that you take a look through te tech manual and work out what attributes you want to see.

I’m guessing it’s some of the metering attributes that are most important.

Also, provide the link to the tech manual so it’s easy to find :wink: (as you have above). Basically if the information is all in the issue, then it’s easier to implement as I’m not having to search for it, and I’m more inclined to add the support :wink: .

Yes, you are correct, the goal is simply to monitor active power consumption - Thank you for the help so far! I will have a closer look at the manual tomorrow and fill out an issue.

I was an early adopter of Zigbee and I have 3 door locks and 2 HAI thermostats that are Zigbee. I am currently controlling them via my HAI Omnipro interfaced through an HAI 81A00-3 ZigBee Interface Module.

Any chance the Zigbee binding will support Zigbee door locks, at some point?

Yes - I don’t see why not. I’ve not looked too closely at these devices yet, but it should be possible to add them. If I can find some reasonable devices for testing I can probably add.

Issue opened :slight_smile:
“Add support for Develco han-interface - power meter readings
#164 opened 11 seconds ago by coandersen”

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