Zigbee Trådfri, Hue, Lightify best practice?

What’s the current best practice if you want to use Zigbee products from Trådfri, Hue, Lightify, and others?

In 2018, is it best to use the Zigbee binding with a generic stick, use lots of different hubs and their own bindings, or try to use a single vendor hub with different vendor’s lights/sensors/switches?

I use all my bulbs with the hue bridge.

  • I stopped using the Lightify Gateway because of instability
  • i just used the tradfri gateway to upgrade my bulbs. (I just have the 1000lm bulbs.)

The single thing not being nice at hue bridge, is with some lightify lamps marked as offline, although they are online.

Good Morning,

I use just Tradfri as they give me the best value for money. You can use as well HUE LEDs (e.g. LED Stripe) with the IKEA hub, but so far I had no need to do so.

I would avoid using to many different external hubs.