Zigbee USB dongle

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Sorry if my question seems dumb but I couldn’t find a definitive answer after some search here and on google.

I plan to build an OpenHab setup on my home server (custom build, running debian).
I would like to use it with some Xiaomi devices (motion detector and door opening detector) so I have to add Zigbee to my setup.

Is there USB dongles that work like “out of the box” when directly plugged in the OpenHab server ? (ie my server). I don’t want to add a secondary device like a RPi or something.

I’m pretty lost with all the informations I found in the documentation and one the forum.

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There is list of supported Zigbee Dongles in the binding documentation. Just scroll down to the table that says supported coordinators:

But keep in mind that xiaomi devices have been known to not work well with the Zigbee binding as they don’t follow the Zigbee standards well. Some people here on the forum are using zigbee2mqtt because of its better support for the Xiaomi devices. Just use the search function and look for zigbee2mqtt and you should find a lot of information about it.

Hey, thanks for your answer !

I already found this list and was looking for available products here in France.

As for zigbee2mqtt, I was wondering if it’s mandatory to use it on a separate device like à RPi ?

Can I use it directly on the OpenHab server ?

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I don’t see why this should be a problem
Check this link