I see a whole discussion thread on Zigbee, I notice that there is code bindings.
yet when I look at Supported features I don’t see Zigbee.

Is Zigbee already working on OpenHab 2 ?


There is a basic ZigBee binding in OH2 with the 2531 TI stick. It’s not merged at the moment, and will likely be split into a separate binding when I get the current updates done (we’ve already created a new repository for it).

any updates on this?

I hope to make some inroads into this in the few coming weeks. Currently I’m implementing the Ember protocol, and once that’s working properly (basically now) I’ll sort out the stack updates and get the repository sorted out.

Hopefully the binding should then support the TI 2531 and the Ember EM35x processors (which seem to be the best chipset as far as I can tell) with the EZSP protocol. Unfortunately the EM35x isn’t available pre-programmed which is a pain - you can get nice USB sticks, but the programmer isn’t so cheap.

I cloned your repo - I see the TI stuff - but don’t see Ember protocol there.
Did you submit it? If so, where can I download it?

I’m still working on the Ember protocol - all the basic communications is working, but it’s not fully functioning yet.

It’s possible I could help. I have the Silicon Labs Simplicity Studio with the EM35x dev boards.
A while back I implemented a JNI API that called into Ember’s EZSP ‘C’ stack - but I’d really like to see if a pure Java version would work.

Thanks for the offer, but from where I am I hope to have something out very soon. I’ve implemented the ASH layers, and most of the the EZSP methods (all that I expect to use) and have initialisation coded. This is my main focus at the moment so I expect to have things running in a week or two. It’s a little iterative as I’m redesigning the interfaces for both the TI and SL interfaces so that (hopefully!) we have something that should suit other dongles if people want to implement them in future.

Give me a week or tow and I’ll post more about what I’ve done, and where the code is etc…