Zigbee2mqtt and Aqara wired switches

Hello all,

I’m trying to add an Aqara wired switch the same way I added the wireless ones, but the JSON I receive from Zigbee2mqtt is different. I’m receiving something like this:

> {"state_left":"OFF","linkquality":23,"state_right":"ON"}

I’m getting no info about which was the button pushed, so I have no idea how to deal with that. I thought about a Javascript transformation, but I would need to add two differente String in my items file, although to do this, I would need to send a parameter to the Javascript transformation (to know wether it’s the right or the left button), but as far as I know, this is not possible. Can anyone point me to the right direction? :grinning:

(By the way, the problem is that I want to send a command to other zigbee device when one of the buttons is pushed)