Zigbee2mqtt and bluetooth troubles

its not directly openhab issue but its related, hope its not a problem. i had openhab 4 runing on thinkpad/mint20. that crashed and i am trying to rebuild but running into issues that i didnt expect.

basicaly openhab works but cant manage to run zigbee or bt devices. scripts i used before are run over time i guess. bt has issues with lastest python, zigbee2mqtt will install but only on old software(newer software node and npm issues).
i tried and failed with thinkpad and 20 and 21v of linux mint, i tried with orange pi 5, zigbee would work with half a year old build of armbian but nothing else. bt fails everytime i guess bcos of new python 3.10(i might be wrong).

i know opehab has built in zigbee gataway, is it good enough for 10-12 devices? is there any other reliable option for zigbee? bt is not as important since i have only 4 bt temp devices but it would be nice to make it work. Any suggestion on any of these? what do you use?
atm oh4 runs on ancient orangepipc/armbian, but i want to make everything run either on opi5 or x240 thinkpad on any kind of linux i can make work…
thanks for any help!

Of course. The kicker though is it mostly only supports pure Zigbee. Xaiomi, Ikea, even Hue in some cases don’t use pure Zigbee and require custom changes to support. zigbee2mqtt supports more of these types of devices than the add-on. But if you find the Zigbee logo on the device, meaning the device has passed certification, the binding should support it without problem. I’ve not had problems with any pure Zigbee device.

Not without knowing the exact nature of the errors. It’s pretty typical that the version of node or Python that comes in the standard repos of various Linux distros are not recent nor up to date.

But if you go to the vendor there will be installation instructions for how to add their repo where you can install any version of these that you require. Anything based off of Debian bookworm now also has additional requirements around Python libraries. They no longer support installing pip modules globally. You have to create a virtualenv to install and run your Python in.

As for what do I use?

I run OH in Docker. I use the Zigbee binding for Zigbee. Getting BT working in a container is a pain, so for my BT devices (some Govee sensors and AirThings Wave+ sensors) I use GitHub - rkoshak/sensorReporter: A python based service that receives sensor inputs and publishes them over REST (should work with any API but mainly tested with openHAB) or MQTT. It can also receive commands and perform an action (e.g. set a GPIO pin to HIGH). It currently supports Bluetooth, GPIO on Raspberry Pi, Amazon Dash buttons, command line scripts, and Roku IP address discovery. and GitHub - rkoshak/WavePlus_Bridge: Airthings Wave Plus Bridge to Wifi/LAN and MQTT for those. When I upgraded to bookworm, I did have to change how I install both of these so they run in a virtualenv.

tried 4-5 zigbee devices with openhab. aqara button and some outlets worked but zigbee cube didnt.
exact nature of errors, well cant reinstall now but basicaly when installing zigbee2mqtt from script it goes well then update.sh updates and like 10ish modules, each gives a warning requireing different node version while showing current version all wrong. nodejs 18 installed, setup would complain about 12.x etc.
bt is a pain by not being able to direct install bluez and bluepy plus googling bt errors it came up that python 3.10 might be a problem, while 3.7-3.9 is not. tried instaling 3.10 and instaling lesser version but it doesnt work that way, it always end up 3.10 and it doesnt work.
a bit disapointed things are going more and more complicated and not the other way. being a linux noob i cant really follow. but i like openhab and i am stuborn, ill keep at it.
“vendors” are usualy github scripts witho no repo and with only as bare as possible instructions how to install. with no troubleshooting steps. altho all those worked first try a year ago, with newer distros and software they dont any more, so whats gonna happen in a year? at this point not sure setiing all this up in windows isnt easier :smiley:
sorry for a little begginers rant, ill check your links and try few more option, thx for help.

You can have any number of different versions of Python installed at the same time. But the default one won’t change unless you take actions to change which one is the default. You probably installed the different version but 3.10 is still the default.

You can run OH on Windows. Node and Python programs should be supportable on Windows too.

Don’t practice cargo-cult programming. Go to the source (e.g. zigbee2mqtt). Read their installation docs. Follow those and do it manually. Try to understand what each step is doing (usually the docs will explain it).

Or use openHABian which does most of this for you. You can install Debian bullseye and then follow the manual instructions to download and run openHABian. That should handle most of this for you and it’s why openHABian exists.

i am dumb or blind, i didnt even think of openhabian. ill go and try how its gonna go. thanks again!