Zigbee2MQTT and Zigbee wall switch (paper ui)

Hello !

Got problems understanding why my MQTT switch isnt working.

Im using zigbee2mqtt, and have sensors working nicely with it. I have now a switch, that is showing switch state correctly, andi can flip that switch, but it doesnt actually change state of the switch. Im using paper ui only atm.

Im not using any formations, as i have condigured zigbee2mqtt to use JSON output.

Any help is welcome, thank you :slight_smile:

Below first 5 lines are from openhab switch, last 4 are from operating the switch physically

Here is my configuration in OH:

Your MQTT Command Topic is set to “zigbee2mqtt/Bathroom/state”, which is your state topic. That’s what feeds information back from the switch to openHAB. I think you need to change that to the command topic so that it can receive commands. I’m guessing that’s “zigbee2mqtt/Bathroom/power”.

Only thing i see on mqtt is That state, thats why i tried to se “is command” option on. But i presume switch does not announce power command when used from switch, only state?

Ill try power if it works after i get home from duty.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Command topic seems to be “set” This works perfectly !