Zigbee2MQTT bridge not working after a few hours

Hi all,

I have a problem with my Zigbee2MQTT bridge in my Openhab 2.5M4 (I had the same issue with 2.5M3).
I have a Zigbee2MQTT installation with a coordinator, a couple of routers and some devices. I am using Mosquitto as broker because native Openhab broker had some problems and didn’t wanted to deal with them.
Besides the Zigbee2MQTT I have a Tasmotized Sonoff and a stock Shelly both connected to the same Mosquitto broker.
The bridge and thing are defined with files as follows:

Bridge mqtt:broker:zigbee2MQTTBroker [ host="", secure=false ]
Thing topic zigbeeMQTT "Zigbee2MQTT CC2531" {
Type switch : permitJoin        [ commandTopic="zigbee2mqtt/bridge/config/permit_join", on="true", off="false" ]
Type string : state             [ stateTopic="zigbee2mqtt/bridge/state" ]
Type string : logType           [ stateTopic="zigbee2mqtt/bridge/log",  transformationPattern="JSONPATH:$.type" ]
Type string : logMessage        [ stateTopic="zigbee2mqtt/bridge/log",  transformationPattern="JSONPATH:$.message" ]

And all devices below this.
The “Sonoff/Shelly” bridge:

Bridge mqtt:broker:mosquitto "Mosquitto" [ host="", secure=false ]
        Thing topic ShellyAnnounce "ShellyAnnounce" {
        	Type string : announcestring  "announcestring"  [ stateTopic="shellies/announce" ]

So it’s almost the same.
Everything works fine after reboot. However, after a day or two, the Zigbee2MQTT bridge in Openhab stops receiving updates and don’t send commands too. Shelly and Sonoff works fine from PaperUI and BasicUI.
I can see messages in Zigbee2MQTT daemon from devices, I see messages reaching the MQTT broker with MQTT Explorer and can send messages to Zigbee devices using the MQTT Explorer, but Openhab doesn’t receive them.
Restarting the Openhab service fixes the problem.

Any clue about the problem?
How can I debug the bridge? How can I check why the bridge is not receiving messages from the broker? The broker seems to works fine as the other bridge stills working.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards
Aurelio Llorente

BTW, I have the same issue with an Openhab 2.4. After a few days Openhab stops to receive messages from MQTT broker. In this case it is the native Openhab’s broker. I am a bit desperate now as this one is installed in my motorhome to check temperatures and opened windows/doors before start moving.

Eventually You dont need to define two MQTT bridge
Try defining only one and attache all things below

Hi all,

Finally I figured out what happened. As I was using an application to synchronize config files between my computer and the raspi, from time to time, it detected the .items files changed, so send them to the raspi and because that old bug that mess things when the files change, the MQTT connection dropped as the things got broken. Stopping the sync program when I was not modifying the files fixed the issue.
I need to check if this problem is sorted out with 2.5 Final.