Zigbee2mqtt config

I’m going to connect my TuYa TS0601 thermostat (zigbee) to my OH3, and read a lot of topics and manuals.
Here’s what I did:

  • Mosquitto server - normal working
  • zegbee2mqtt - normal working, I see my devices and can control them.
  • MQTT Binding
  • MQTT Broker (as a thing)
  • termostat-1 (as Generic MQTT Thing)
  • TermostatTemp (as a channel for termostat-1)
    Buuuut OH seems not working.

MQTT broker’s config looks normal:

UID: mqtt:broker:afa2f5e0ed
label: MQTT Broker
thingTypeUID: mqtt:broker
  lwtQos: 0
  publickeypin: true
  clientid: cc7933e4-1d5c-467d-a258-cdcfc2dae490
  keepAlive: 60
  birthRetain: true
  secure: false
  certificatepin: true
  shutdownRetain: false
  qos: 0
  reconnectTime: 60000
  host: localhost
  lwtRetain: true
  enableDiscovery: true

Below termostat-1 config

UID: mqtt:topic:afa2f5e0ed:ZAL
label: termostat-1
thingTypeUID: mqtt:topic
configuration: {}
bridgeUID: mqtt:broker:afa2f5e0ed
  - id: TermostatTemp
    channelTypeUID: mqtt:number
    label: TermostatTemp
    description: ""
      commandTopic: ZAL/set
      stateTopic: ZAL/local_temperature

MQTT broker, things and channel has status “online”, but item “TermostatTemp” receive NULL. Of course, I touch my device to publish info.

I thing mistake in commandTopic, but what I shall input here?
In zigbee2mqtt temperature of my device i get by zigbee2mqtt/ZAL/local_temperature

Or maybe you have any other idea?

See Use case: Integrating IKEA Starkvind air purifier into openHAB for an example.

Command and State Topic must start with zigbee2mqtt/ZAL/...

See TuYa TS0601_thermostat_1 control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT for details.

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Thank you, Bro!!!