Zigbee2Mqtt on OpenHab

I want to make use of zigbee2mqtt on openhab, but when i look at the github of koenkk i only see the integrations on domoticz and hassio, but not Openhab. Which one can be used for Openhab on RPI3B?


Our users are on that issue in https://github.com/Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt/issues/493 and others.

zigbee2mqtt as it is, is unfortunately not very OH friendly and the project itself is not providing OH integrations.

So for now, until our user base and our developers convinced Koen Kanters, you need to add the respective topics yourself within the MQTT generic Thing.

You need at least OH 2.5M1 to convert to and from zigbee2mqtt json based topic values.

Cheers, David